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The Founders of the Double Helix

Maurice Wilkins
the discovery
James Dewey Watson
Maurice Wilkins
Francis Harry Compton Crick Facts
James Watson Facts
Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins Facts
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This is me with a DNA model in 1962. I couldn't stop myself from poking it!


Sup? I'm Maurice Wilkins. No, I didn't start that store in the mall but I did do some other things that are pretty cool. I worked with Watson and Crick to determine the structure of DNA. I applied X-ray diffraction techniques to the study of ribonucleic acid. Well, sure enough, we got it. I was right, it was a double helix! So anyway. I was born in Pongaroa in New Zealand on December 15, 1916. I joined the Medical Research Council's Biophysics Unit at King's College, London. That was a load of fun! So that's about it for now. Peace out!