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The Founders of the Double Helix


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"No man discovered or created molecular biology. But one man dominates intellectually the whole field, because he knows the most and understands the most. Francis Crick." - Jacques Monod, molecular biologist

    Born on June 8th, 1916, Francis Crick excelled in the field of science from an early age.  In 1937 he received his bachelor's degree in physics from University College in London.
    Shortly thereafter he began to work for his Ph.D., but was interrupted in 1939 by WWII, when he joined the British Admirality.  A year later his first son was born.
    Eight years later he finally resumed his research at the Strangeways Laboratory in Cambridge, studying the cytoplasm of fibroblast cells with Arthur Hughes.
    In 1951, he met J.D. Watson, and they formed a research team that led to the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953.
    In 1957 he began work with Sydney Brenner on the relation between the sequences of DNA bases and amino acids in proteins.
    In the 60s he just kinda chilled and got a bunch of awards for stuff he did in the 50s.
    Finally, in 1976, he began his final research project, a study of the brain, at Salk Institute in San Diego.
    Crick had two wives and three children (one son and two daughters).  In his final days he resided in his house which he referred to as the "Golden Helix" until his passing on July 28th, 2004, at the age of 88 years.

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