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Chromosome 11 Interesting Information

Chromosome 11 Interesting Information
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Myelogenous Leukemia


Forms of leukemia can be found on six different chromosomes. Acute leukemias can be found on chromosomes 1, 2, and 13, T-Cell developmental leukemia is found  on chromosomes 3 and X, and the cause of myelogenous leukemia is in a protein coded for in chromosome 11 at 11p11.9. Chromosome 11 contains 134 million bases. Chromosome 11 has been identified with 151 diseases. Only chromosomes 1, 2, and X contain more currently identified diseases. Chromosome 11 has the most cancerous conditions of all of the chromosomes associated with it.

Base coding provided by the NCBI Gene Mapping Database and Protein Analisys Provided by Biology Workbench